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Joe Millionaire Wrapup

So Joe Millionaire concluded (again) this evening. Zora and Joe Evan met up again for the first time in three months, and didn't seem too excited to see each other. They were excited, mind you, just not too excited. They're a cute couple, and Zora's an awesome gal, so I hope she stays happy.

The two funniest parts of the show were easily the footage of the girls all watching the finale and the "Paul the Studly Butler" segment. I'd someday love to have a butler (who wouldn't?) but I'd certainly like to get one with Paul's spirit and wit.

Was Sarah in it for the money? Hell yeah. Were most of the other women? Hell yeah. And that's what made the little "reunion" show so special. Besides, in the end, none of them really despised Joe Evan or had bad things to say about him (or Zora), and that speaks volumes.

4 Responses to "Joe Millionaire Wrapup"

  1. I'm confused. I thought the point of Joe Millionaire was to hook Evan up with a woman? Why would Evan pick anyone if he wasn't going to see her for three months? Am I missing something?

    Reality TV makes my brain hurt.

  2. jfpoole:

    He wasn't allowed to be seen with the women until the show ended, so that the ending would be a surprise.

  3. I'm glad to see Evan and Zora can be together, actually I choose Zora since the second week when Joe Millionaire reality show presented in Indonesia. She's a nice woman, low profile, beautiful and not materiallistic woman. Hopefully, Evan and Zora have an endless love. Amien. God bless u, Evan and Zora!!!

    Arvie (Fans of Evan and Zora from Indonesia)

  4. i like joe(evan).... i like to kiss the girl's and make them cry!!! go joe.... your cool!!!=)