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More on that Vodka Ad

puma_dick_sucking_ad.jpgFrom the "speaking of sucking" category (see a few other posts from today)…

A week or so ago I posted an entry about a vodka ad that showed a guy getting head. Well, that's not the only such ad in existence.

Check this shit out! The ads shown on that page (one is to the right, here) show very clearly a girl giving a guy a blow job, and there's a white creamy substance on her upper thigh. Puma capitalizing on sex for their ads? Noooo, you don't say!

The page, titled "Flirt, Squirt, and Sex Sells?" also features a larger version of the ad seen to the right. I didn't know about the site before today, but I'll be adding their RSS feed to NetNewsWire now.

(Update: March 11, 2003 - see TrackBack - I've been asked by Puma to remove the ad from this page. I am doing so. I suspect external links will be taken down shortly as well.)

4 Responses to "More on that Vodka Ad"

  1. Does sex sell this well?

    I have come to the conclusion that in America, sex sells. Normally companies will only stoop low enough to using underage, anorexic models in their ads (Calvin Klein rings a bell), however it seems that Puma has stooped even lower. Read on for some ver...

  2. Innuendo

    Umm ... Heh ... Erik B. points out a couple of ... umm ... unique ads. SOOOOO wrong. --Nick

  3. A Puma "representative" named Pete from Boston phoned me this morning and asked me to take down the image I formerly had posted to my...

  4. Sex sells?... continued

    Like Erik, I recieved two calls and an email from Puma today. Here is the form letter they sent me. This is in reference to this post....