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Point and Clique

Funniest line from this tale of threedegrees is easily this:

It's the fault of the children, you see. In case you've missed all the fanfare, ThreeDegrees is Microsoft's new chat/P2P/music app that came about through the revolutionary process of asking the teenagers at which it's aimed to help design it. The app lets users organise themselves into social groups (point and clique?).

Josh and I were talking about ThreeDegrees the other day, and we think that unless something dramatic happens and changes, it will flop pretty hard. Teens are rebellious: Microsoft limiting what they can do with what they consider "their music" and certainly how many friends they can have in a group will be offputting. Oh, and so is the UI.

3 Responses to "Point and Clique"

  1. Did you see the Steven Levy article about this in Newsweek? Very typical of his recent MS puff pieces for that mag--he seems to pretty much extol everything they do as a stunning breakthrough (even if it is merely a cheesy layover for MSN messenger). At least this time he was recycling one of his Wired pieces...

  2. Sorry--I mean to say "wasn't recycling one of his Wired pieces."

  3. Cheerleaders are *girls*? Oops.