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Speech Synthesis

Don't expect quality this good on your home computer anytime soon: Natural Voices @ AT&T.

The text I chose to have it speak first was:

This is a test. I am going to type some text and you, the computer, will read it back to me.

Have a go at it. Amaze your friends and coworkers. Save any funny clips and feel free to email them to me (don't post links in the comments - audio clips on the server are not saved).

(Update: I've added a Sound Set to Sound Set Central called "British Synthesis" that's based on these voices. It's fairly amusing.)

2 Responses to "Speech Synthesis"

  1. back when i ran a little online radio station, I had the old Lucent version of this, calling out my Call letters and station ID. It was pretty cool. The new version is a lot cleaner than the older one. . Great stuff.

  2. Macintalk Pro comes pretty close to that one.