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Linux and IT Staff

I expected my comments on a recent article to kick off a little flame war (typical of OSNews, Slashdot, etc.) but so far, after about 15 comments, it seems one of the better (keep in mind this is relative) discussions so far.

The article was about Linux on the desktop, IT departments, and so on. My comment (I didn't read the article OSNews was pointing to: oftentimes "Linux" falls well below "prepare dinner" on my priority list in any given day):

What's harder to troubleshoot and requires a larger IT staff than Windows? Linux! Corporate IT types should love Linux! Gooooooo Penguin! Next year, sir, we need to double our IT staff, but at least the OS is free! Wooo!

This moment of sarcasm brought to you by the lucid dreaming of Ed Stevens.

Ed was good tonight. West Wing was okay. And Annie's dog died, but hey, a little perspective here, ok?