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Individual Archive Re-Des

Slight re-design on my individual archives tonight. Moved the trackbacks to the left menu, took out the popup link for comments since they're below the article, and so on. Next thing will be to rebuild articles when i get a TrackBack, but I'm still concerned about this:

If you have a fair amount of faith in the speed of your rebuilds (or in your TrackBackers' willingness to keep trying, or to let you know that there's a problem)…

I don't know if my server can rebuild files quickly enough to respond to pings before the pinger times out. I maintain that the ping response should be sent, then the stuff should be rebuilt, on the pingee's time, not the pinger's. Hmmm. 🙁

2 Responses to "Individual Archive Re-Des"

  1. I've been thinking about this one and I think I have a solution. If the code were modified to send an ok really early and store the response from that, THEN rebuild and return that earlier response then you would have what you want.

    The only downside is that remote TBers would not know if the TB failed, but for what you want that's rather irrelevent. I'll break my TB today and see if I can't whip it up. If so, then I'll just post the diff here for ya.

  2. Slight redesign

    Seems that just about everyone has been tweaking their blogs lately, and far be it from me to ignore a trend.