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Rebuilding When Pinged

I'd like my archives (individual, daily, monthly, category) to be rebuilt every time an article gets a TrackBack. I did a search and found this article by Phil Ringnalda, but this sentence is preventing me from doing his hack:

If you have a fair amount of faith in the speed of your rebuilds (or in your TrackBackers' willingness to keep trying, or to let you know that there's a problem)…

That doesn't seem to be the way to go. It seems to me MT should confirm the TrackBack, then go about rebuilding the archives on its own time. Is that possible? I don't want to cause any trouble for people linking to me. Any ideas? Please share.

One Response to "Rebuilding When Pinged"

  1. I just rebuild every night as a cron job. Solves a lot of issues.