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Bochs: XP on your Mac

From the "Who needs Virtual PC anyway?" department comes the surprising (to me, anyway) news that Bochs is up and running on Mac OS X. Find out more at Open OS X.

Thanks to Mac OS X's advanced architecture, multiple G4 CPUs can be utilized and are emulated as a single powerful Pentium(R) processor or as duel Pentium Processors. Mac OS X is a true chameleon of operating systems, users may now run a long list of operating systems within it: Mac OS 9, Windows 95/98/2K/NT, DOS, Linux, Unix, BSD, etc. software seamlessly.

Someone will have to try this out and let me know how it is. I don't have much need for running any of the other OSes, but for $30, it could provide a useful backup strategy in emergency situations.

4 Responses to "Bochs: XP on your Mac"

  1. If you dont want to pay the $30 you can get it here for free:

    It's amazing slow, much slower than Virtual PC but it works.

  2. Bochs

    A commentor on Erik Barzeski’s blog says of Bochs: It’s amazing slow, much slower than Virtual PC but it works.

  3. Is a tutorial to instal Boshs and a "window" on mac OSX.2 exist ????

    thanks to help us,

  4. It works slowly because it does not use a single bit of assembly in it. This allows it to be platform independent. I can use it in Linux to run Windows 98. But that is a dumb use for it.