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Survivor 6.3

Survivor 6.3 played last night, and that's about nearly all I have to say about it.

The men once again played with their balls, errrr, their Magic 8 Ball. "Will I get to sleep with Jenna?" Yeah, I'm sure that's what I'd be worried about if I was losing 4 out of 5 challenges, not catching any fish, and left stranded in the Amazon. I'd be thinking of what chick I'd like to tap. Uh huh. The guys were so obviously making plays for the women at the "Go Fish" challenge that they lost easily.

survivor6_3.jpgThe women, winners of those 4 out of 5 challenges, still don't have that great a shelter, but they did catch a number of fish. Winning that fish bait a few challenges ago was great for them. Naked bathing did occur, too, as the "three hotties" talked about how they should walk around topless to distract the guys when a merge occurs. Hey, more power to 'em - the women definitely - aside from the lack of shelter - have the edge right now.

The men voted Daniel off: the loghumpers are the first two to go. The look that the restaurant owner Matthew gave to Daniel when he said "He's more Chinese than me; we spoke Mandarin earlier today" was classic. Almost worth seeing the episode just for that. Next week the men go out on a group expedition, but leave Matthew behind. Shawna gets sick, and the men enjoy a feast while the women suffer with nothing. A power change? The men need it - desperately.

Speaking of what's needed: Christy, shave your armpits. Ugh. They can skip the food gross-out challenge this year for all I care - I've had my fill of grossness already.

One last note on the naked bathing: In Heidi's video (on the Web) she says "I think immodesty is attractive. More power to us" (paraphrased). I have one question then, given that you did "what you had to do" and that "you don't care who sees you naked," and that question is this: why did you keep your top on while Shawna and Jenna removed theirs? And to Shawna and Jenna: why did you cover your breasts the whole time? Afraid of giving the cameramen a bit of jungle fever or something? Apparently neither you, nor Heidi, share Heidi's beliefs.

Okay, so that's a bit more than "saying nothing," but it really was a pretty ho-hum show. Or not. Nick has more to say. Go there.

Now for some updates, having read Nick's take:

  • The synchronized "women working" musical video thing was, indeed, very fun.
  • The Viagra joke was pretty funny, and Rob is indeed a schmucko.
  • Heidi is a stupid bitch, yes.
  • It's funny that Nick could say "please stop singing" without a reference to American Idol.
  • Nick: I wouldn't put it above Survivor to have rigged, even slightly, almost every challenge. They need good TV. Do I think it was rigged last night? Maybe. Maybe not.

3 Responses to "Survivor 6.3"

  1. Heh ... believe it or not, I thought about that, and the reason I didn't was because it was getting late, the post was getting long, and somehow I decided that adding a link to the American Idol web page would just take too long.

    Like I said, it was late. 😛


  2. Lecherous

    Good Lord ... the guys are freakin' pathetic. Amazing living structure, for sure (as we've known for some time), but

  3. i wanna fuck them