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Winning WTC Design

The winning design for the rebuilt World Trade Center towers has been announced. The plans look impressive, and the gardens and things are nice. Part of me thinks building an even bigger set of towers in place of the destroyed ones is a bit arrogant, and the other part of me likes that arrogance.

Libeskind says that having calculated the arc of the sun, a wedge of natural light would funnel visitors to the memorial site, and that every September 11 between 8:46 a.m., when the first tower was struck by a plane, and 10:28 a.m., when the second tower collapsed, no shadows will be cast by his buildings.

I don't understand how no shadows can be cast by a 1,776 foot tall building, in September, in the morning, in New York (which is over 40 degrees North). This is curious, and I like small facts like this, but I don't understand how the architect has managed to escape this. Can anyone tell me?

10 Responses to "Winning WTC Design"

  1. the buildings would have to be pointed at an angle into the sun. that's the only way i could think of to achieve that. but from the models of the design, i don't understand how that works...

  2. Winning WTC Design

    It looks like the city has chosen the new WTC design. The new design was made by a Holocaust survivor, Daniel Libeskind. It is supposed to be amazing, standing 1,776 tall (in honor of 1,776, our year of independence). Top floors are supposed to have ga...

  3. I wish it were less complex.

  4. I was thinking the same thing, too. I personally think it's impossible esp if he wants to get it precisely between those two times. And let's not even get into how he's going to get the natural light to bend to create a pathway to the memorial site. :OP

  5. Of course some Lefty Looney thinks building an even bigger building is "arrogance". So instead we should just leave a 16-acre fucking hole in the ground? We should be ashamed for having taller buildings than some other country?

    How about we fill in that hole called Ground Zero with the bodies of the the Americans who will get nuked if people like you ever get back in power again. It would be their fault of course not the terrorists. Wouldn't want to take up valuable space in a cemetary somewhere that could be used by some celebrity who flunked out of college and thinks that playing a president on TV means you *are* the president.

    I'm sure you could also blame the next terrorist attack on Talk Radio or the Fox News Channel and then do next to nothing about it for 7 years like your personal God Bill "I didn't have sex with that woman" Clinton.

  6. "Warmonger," if you're going to fill my blog with drivel like that, have the balls to sign a real name, site, and email address to them. Until then, I'll simply consider banning you.

  7. I think your quote is wrong. It say "no shadows will be cast by his buildings", but in fact he only claims that there will be no shadows between two particular places:

    To commemorate those lost lives, I created two large public places, the Park of Heroes and the Wedge of Light. Each year on September 11th between the hours of 8:46 a.m., when the first airplane hit and 10:28 a.m., when the second tower collapsed, the sun will shine without shadow, in perpetual tribute to altruism and courage.

    This should be possible, I think.

  8. Does this make me un-American?

    We aren't going to the pro-America rally. Why? Well I have 3 reasons; my wife and my two kids. See

  9. I think it's an absolutely beautiful design. I live in Johannesburg and was fortunate enough to visit the WTC before 11 Sept. Seeing such a magnificent building rise 1776 feet into the sky, with the memorial and the other buildings, would definitely warrant a second visit to New York.

  10. I guess - you have borrowed the shape of the building from another idea, a 1991 movie "The never ending Story" .
    In that fairy tale I may see your tower as the tower that keeps the Childlike Empress captured by an evil women's will
    that lives in her palm shaped castle.

    So nothing new.

    Greeting anyway: an almost collegue.