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More on “Not a Bug”

I should have written a bit more clearly in my previous article on this "bug" (note the quotes), but having failed to do so previously, I'll do so now.

This behavior (allowing you to replace a folder with a file) is not a bug, but the dialog could be worded better. Flat out not allowing me to replace something when I have explicitly instructed the Finder to do so - by dragging and dropping something to a different location - is in fact the bug, and it existed in Mac OS < X. Thus, I consider 9's behavior to be the annoying - and buggy - one, not X's. Again I agree, however, that 9's dialogs on this were better worded.

Jon lists two possible reasons why you could not do this in 9, but I'll add a third: the Finder 9 engineers went overboard in their efforts to protect the user from themselves. That doesn't make them idiots as Jon's first idea states (as a possibility to explain this behavior).

3 Responses to "More on “Not a Bug”"

  1. Crescent Rentzsch, and Finder bugs

    ...I find myself agreeing with Bill and Michael. Overwriting an item with another should move the first one to the Trash, in such a way to make this fully undoable. If the new item is copied from another volume, and space is so crowded as to make it ne...

  2. It never occurred to you to check what your rock solid foundation has to say in the matter?

  3. [quote comment="39480"]It never occurred to you to check what your rock solid foundation has to say in the matter?[/quote]

    That, like this, makes absolutely no sense. The article found at thelink (which I presume is yours), spells things incorrectly and gets so many other facts wrong it's flat out laughable.