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Need Help with your Sex Life?

For your eyes only: animated sexual positions, courtesy of a condom maker. Wow, it doesn't get much kinkier than these pixellized pornos… with sound effects! 🙂

8 Responses to "Need Help with your Sex Life?"

  1. Don't have sex without it!

    Four Seasons Condoms has their own personal webpage devoted to sexual positions. Firstly, I wouldn't visit their site at work, there are graphic images and sounds. With that warning aside, definetly visit their site. The flash cartoons are funny and th...

  2. God bless Poser.

  3. Help with positioning

    An Australian condom company has generously provided animated assistance with various "positions." Thanks to Erik. Definitely not safe for work.

  4. Awhile ago, a friend of mine, Tara, emailed me this same link. We discussed some of the positions and have come to the conclusion that "Sitting on the Toilet" (besides having an awful name for a sexual position) is not physically possible as illustrated.

    Does anyone have evidence otherwise?

  5. Sexinstruktion

    Playing of the cello? The rocking recliner? Vad är nu detta?

  6. i need sex help with sex positions

  7. its ur bloody proplem that u r pregnent cant you have the sence to where a condom every time ive fucked a man guess wots been on his dick


    so if i were u i would give up sex and tell ur parterner to were a condom!!!



  8. i was just wondering wut sites are there to look at for how to have sex and help on haveing sex