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Quake 3 in a Window

quake3_in_a_window.jpgSo today I played a bit more Quake 3. As I have the Cinema, I have to play it in a window to get a resolution other than 640 x 480. 1152 x whatever with the all the effects set to the highest quality is still silky smooth on this dual 800. I used my 12" AlBook as the server.

You'll notice (barely) in the screenshot to the right that I've not bothered to quit any of my applications. I've got Quake going, Adium, Entourage (checking 10 accounts), iTunes, Kung-Tunes, NetNewsWire, Safari, CPU Monitor, etc.

Two years ago, doing this would have been absolutely unthinkable.

2 Responses to "Quake 3 in a Window"

  1. Note that you can set the full resolution in quake3 by directly modifying the config file. I'm always playing at 1600x1024, works perfectly.

  2. seta r_customheight "1024"

    seta r_customwidth "1600"

    Doesn't mean it does 1600, cuz it doesn't. It flips back to the size you see in the picture (on a 1920 x 1200 display).