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Why Buy “Weblog Hacks”?

Why would I buy Weblog Hacks. Everything about it is available online, for free, because bloggers like to share. At least on the MovableType platform, I guess. Witness, for example,

I'm honestly asking: why would I buy this? I'm not opposed to sp money if I get something out of it, but a book falls out of date so quickly, and the Web is so much more vast, and I can narrow searches on the Web to MovableType, that I'm not sure I see much value for my $20 (or whatever it'll cost).

4 Responses to "Why Buy “Weblog Hacks”?"

  1. I'd imagine it would be for convenience. This book, idealy (sp?) makes it so I don't have to google when looking for a specific hack.

  2. What's so convenient about a non-searchable media which you cannot cut and paste from?

  3. I'm always surprised at the number of people that just want to buy the book. I guess it's a comfort thing. Look at how big the "tech" section is at B&N, There's nothing there that can't be found online for free.

  4. I think assuming that anyone with a current aptitude in weblogging would be interested in this book is incorrect. My impression is that the book is targetted for the coming onslaught of goggle_loggers who have easy access to weblogging software and are looking of tips and tricks on getting started and getting noticed.

    Still, if there are truly 100 "good hacks" chances are you haven't heard of two or three... maybe.