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iWant iSkin

ibook_skin.gifI want one of these. Unfortunately, I don't know if it's worth $25 to me. Any chance those people will send me one? I'd post again later saying how much I liked it, I promise I would… 🙂

Actually, I just mentioned to Matt that we're probably not too far off from this. After all, I used to run Apple Wizards, have reviewed in MacAddict, etc. In short, when will blogging begin to become more commercialized? We're very, very close.

In fact, just as a test, I'm going to email the URL of this entry to the iSkin folks to see if there's something they want to do about it. After all, the amount of press they'll gather is bound to be worth it, right? I'd like the lime one. 😉

P.S. Originally found the link to the skins things from Judi. The laptop skins are new. I have a frosted skin for my iPod, but I don't think it's one of theirs: I got it at WWDC 2002 from a Japanese company.

6 Responses to "iWant iSkin"

  1. The iSkin was worth every penny. My daughter was playing and splashed some water right across my keyboard. With the iSkin, nothing got on the computer.

    One negative: the things should be sold with a bottle of iKlear for the screen. There's a stickiness to the iSkin that takes some getting used to, and every spec of dirt sticks to the top. It's easy enough to wash off but if you close the laptop lid schmutz transfers to the LCD. You have to be religious about cleaning the screen to avoid scratches and have a clear view.

  2. I have the exact opposite experience.

    We sell iSkins at work and I can't stand them. Typing away with a piece of rubber on top of your keyboard is so uncomfortable, imho.

  3. I love my iSkin.. although I do share the same sentiments as Judi.. the iSkin is like a dirt magnet! Typing with the iSkin is very comfortable. After using it for a week or so, typing on my iBook's keyboard without the iSkin feels different. I appreciate the spongy feel the iSkin gives. more thing. The iSkin fits perfectly on my keyboard. Expecpt for the F1 and F2 buttons. The iSkin kinda juts up a bit, not sticking between the keys. Also, in between the F4 and F5 keys. Same problem.

  4. Today I bought an iSkin Exo2. I got it for something like 50% off due to the fact that I ordered a tangerine iSkin Exo...

  5. I know this is a long-dead post, but I was looking for reviews on iSkin. 🙂 It's good you have people commenting and posting; it saved me money. I was about to go for it, except I don't like sticky keyboards.

    Just curious, do you know if this is legit? I was about to buy it too, except, when I was checking out--they asked for the last 3 digits on the back of my credit card. That immediately made me wary...

  6. Asking for the last three is a security measure. It's safe. I don't know if that site is legit, but I haven't heard anything bad about them either.