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Premier Expert on Zora and Evan

zora_and_evan.gifThank you for visiting the site of the foremost expert on Joe Millionaire "winners" Zora and Evan. Yes, that's correct: I am the world's foremost authority on Zora and Evan.

According to Google, anyway. My previous entry on Zora and Evan has put me at the top of Google's search results for this topic.

Interesting. It's amazing how quickly this happens. I rank quite highly on the topic of "Trista and Ryan" (same entry as the Zora and Evan one). This is the third entry in which I've ever used the word "Zora," for what that's worth. Google is weird. Fun, but weird.

At least I'm not the first link in "FedEx Sucks."

4 Responses to "Premier Expert on Zora and Evan"

  1. Glory

    Oh, I see how it is ... I put in the legwork and he gets all the glory. 😛 --Nick

  2. I love Google, and agree it's a strange beast. I wrote on little article on Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and my site still gets lots of hit from Google cause of it.

  3. are you and zora still together

  4. Uhh, madina, I was never dating Zora, but Evan and Zora broke up and I'd be more than happy if she gave me a call sometime. 🙂