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Stuart Cheshire

5:56pm:     Feanor: didn't Stuart Cheshire write Bolo?
5:56pm:       Toad: up
5:56pm:       Toad: yup
5:56pm:    mikeash: indeed
5:56pm:     Feanor: he wrote Rendezvous
5:56pm:    mikeash: all hail King Stuart

5 Responses to "Stuart Cheshire"

  1. Bolo? Isn't that the old, old, old tank game?

    We had lots of fun with that one back in the day. Whatever happened to it?


  2. I should set up an MTMacro that replaces "--Nick" with "--Fangboy" 🙂

    Anyway, uh, last I heard it was carbonized. Yep, here it is. Bolo is an institution.

  3. Rendezvous was only created to speed up the carbonized Bolo. 😉

  4. Ahh ... the real question, then, is whether anyone actually still plays it?


  5. Hey, I'm famous!