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Brent is Off by 4:55?

Calling Brent Simmons. Paging Brent Smmons. Judi has uncovered a bug I believe I can confirm: feeds in NNW show up 4:55 off.

Some examples (the NNW-displayed time is a link to the article in question):

<dc:date>2003-03-03T17:35:17-05:00</dc:date> shows up as 12:40 PM

<dc:date>2003-03-03T18:00:19-05:00</dc:date> shows up as 1:05 PM

<dc:date>2003-03-03T17:44:09-05:00</dc:date> is shown as 12:49 PM

Any comments, anyone?

5 Responses to "Brent is Off by 4:55?"

  1. RSS feed date/time is off

    Hmmm....I'm picking up my RSS 2.0 feed in NetNewsWire and I just noticed that the posted time is off by

  2. It's a bug; it will get fixed.

  3. Sounds to me like the timezone is being applied to the minutes field as well. You're in Eastern Time (GMT -05:00), right? =) 5 hours - 5 minutes = 4:55.

  4. I think there's more to it than that. Some blogs that aren't working are in other time zones. I'm sure Brent will figure it out. I did a test case last night with the dc:date formatting, but it wasn't enough to sort out the problem. My code all worked. Not sure how Brent's getting the date/time for display in the column…

  5. It's probably due to ther fact that there are about four forms of dates and times out there and the bug exists in the parsing of one of them.