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Hindsight and Rearviews

The Florida heat has claimed another victim: my rearview mirror. I went to deposit some checks and pick up some McDonald's for lunch (they didn't get my order right again - I'm done with Mickey D's) and it was hanging by the electrical cords used to power the lights.

Driving without a rearview mirror is an experience. An odd feeling crept over me every time I looked at the place where the mirror should be. Instead of seeing a little picture of what's behind me, I saw a dangling cord. Deep down in my psyche this didn't seem to make sense: there's an odd disconnect between the fact that you're viewing a reflection of what's behind you and actually having a nearly borderless image floating in the sky visible through your windshield. Turning around to look is impractical, and even so, your sense of right and left is flipped from the way you normally perceive it (in your mirrors). And this happens several times per minute: like the times you forget your watch and keep looking at your wrist, I couldn't stop looking at the place where the mirror used to be.

I suppose that's a good thing. Better that than never checking my mirrors, right? I'll get it repaired tomorrow. It's not like it's not under warranty.