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Apple Music Service

Details are just beginning to come in, but here are the rough bits as I know them right now.

  • Apple is beginning its own music service (perhaps)
  • At least 4 of the 5 major record companies are with Apple on this (maybe)
  • That'd be freakin' awesome! (could be)

The LA Times, Railhead, and MacCentral have more. So does Ars Technica. And Slashdot. And the San Jose Mercury News (I find it odd that a music service that doesn't exist yet can "win kudos" already). Here's a good Slashdot comment from last December.

I'm not discounting this as a wild rumor at all. The involvement of the LA Times signals something unusual, here, but it wouldn't be the first time a formerly respectable site got sucked in by believing something on ThinkSecret or whatnot. I have some reading to do… :-O

P.S. Those who don't want to register to read the L.A. Times article will just have to view this page's source and scroll a bit…