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Geoff Perlman

Rentzsch should have asked him about that fabulous "white paper" of a year or two ago. Y'know, the one that gave the reasons why REALbasic, using Carbon, was soooo much better than Cocoa. The one that was a laughingstock in the developer arena for many months (and still is).

Oh well. Some day I'll write up a little bit on REAL Software. I should note that Lorin Rivers is the PR or ads guy for MacTech now. The guy didn't even know what Cocoa Dev Central was. I'll give him a week to look it up… 😛

4 Responses to "Geoff Perlman"

  1. Perls of wisdom?

    For crimes against white-papers worldwide, Perlman is awarded a Bah.

  2. The white paper to which you are referring did not say that REALbasic was so much better than Cocoa. What it said was that whether an application is made with the Carbon or Cocoa APIs is not relevant. It doesn't make it better or worse and the average user should care less.

    And while REALbasic uses mostly Carbon APIs, it also uses Cocoa APIs for a few things that are not exposed in Carbon. Of course they opposite is also true. There are a few things available in the Carbon APIs that are not available to Cocoa. But Apple has been working to close these gaps over the years.

  3. Geoff, c'mon. You were pretty widely criticized for that paper. Be a man and own up to the crap that it was, eh? 😛

  4. The people that critized me were nit picking. And for every one of those, I got at least 10 emails from people thanking me for clearing things up for them.

    Fortunately, it's gotten to the point now where people really don't care whether an app was written using the Cocoa or Carbon APIs.