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People Eating Tasty Animals

I've long joked that I wanted to start an organization named "PETA" for "People Eating Tasty Animals." After all, if you're not supposed to eat animals, why are they made of meat? I'm not opposed to vegetarians - I'm just not one of 'em.

I am, however, against PeTA. They are so blatantly aggressive, and so often disrespect the rights of humans in their "cause" that it's downright illegal and despicable. I think on March 15 I'll eat a nice big steak on their behalf. Feel free to join me in celebrating International Eat an Animal for PeTA Day.

8 Responses to "People Eating Tasty Animals"

  1. *Laughs* "why are they made out of meat". Yeah, it's an old one but I'm tired so..

  2. For your celebration supplies, I highly recommend: Horizon Foods and Omaha Steaks. I've ordered from both places and they both have quality products and service. I regularly get a box of Filet Mignon from Horizon Foods as one of their representatives is near my parents.

    They both sell USDA Prime beef. This isn't the USDA Choice crap you find in grocery stores.

  3. Your joke's a bit late -- it's been done. There even was an interesting domain name dispute between the two organizations for a while.

  4. pets are food

    in relation to erik's article about People Eating Tasty Animals (PETA) as an organization opposing PeTA (the cruelty to animal

  5. Too many people in the world out there have children because they could not have a pet...

  6. On the other paw, a society can be judged by the way it treats the weakest...

    Animals should be treated more kindly than they are...

    But, rubber bullets are not a valuable solution for that purpose...

    Well... At least I guess that in the end animals are sort of reincarnated...

    If that can be any consolation...

  7. Ok, I'll try to put some weight behind my earlier comment.

    I am not a vegetarian, but I try to act with some morals and ethics when choosing what and where to eat. There is a difference betwen eating an animal that has lived it's short life in complete hell, and eating one that has had a good life and not been mistreated.

    PeTA may have a 'milltant' approach to what they do, but then sometimes this is required to get people to sit up and take notice.

    What really provoked me into the short but concise comment was that your post promoted the sort of ignorance about what PeTA is trying to achieve, namely the ethical treatment of animals. We're not talking about not eating them, just not torturing them before eating them.

    I've questioned my own morals and ethics on this issue long and hard since reading your post, and am still not resolved.

    As for my earlier comment, it was posted in a moment of anger. However, I hereby retract it, in favour of a reasoned discussion, which is hopefully what you were looking to achieve by inviting comments.

  8. For the PETA day I start with half a chicken for breakfast; for lunch the other half and a glass of wine (vegetrarian, not be too fanatic). For dinner I have some living animals; I choose shellfish and some more wine.