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Colorblind Design Ideas

Like Vinay, my site (you're reading it right now, so no, I'm not going to make it a link) is accessible to the colorblind inhabitants of the earth. In fact, some of those color schemes gave me some interesting ideas for the next redesign… B-)

4 Responses to "Colorblind Design Ideas"

  1. Site is down 🙁

  2. Woohoo! Vinay and I, uhhh, slashblogged it to death or something! Woohoo! Errr, wait… "w00t"!

  3. Web Filter for the Colorblind

    Very cool idea via NSLog() is a web filter for the colorblind. I guess you could use this to see

  4. posted a link to the filter about a week back. Vinay and many other folks found that link, and linked to it themselves. You and many others found those links and added your own. Shortly thereafter the server load got too high.

    I've hacked off some features and it's back up now. Hopefully it will be sufficiently server-friendly to survive its growing popularity :/

    ...and speaking of color schemes, try using