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Go Clay

clayaiken_pic.jpgThis year on American Idol, I'm going to go with the geeky looking guy. Go Clay! His performance was one of the best I think I can remember, and though Nick disagrees somewhat, I think that may be due to the fact that he missed Clay's first performance.

Clay's a bit odd looking, and like Randy I wonder where the voice comes from, but put him on a stage and make him sing like he can and the women will be after him anyway. Geek is chic these days, man!

P.S. Some of the girls are hot, but can't sing that well. Too bad.

4 Responses to "Go Clay"

  1. Resemblance

    Looking at Erik B.'s comments, and in particular the picture he put up of Clay, made me realize perhaps part

  2. I totally agree with Simon. Clay's performance last night was the best of the show this year. Incredible. First contestant I was looking forward to hearing again.

  3. Motown

    Oh, good ... I was so worried that with only an hour and twelve performers, they weren't going to have

  4. I've been busy this week, so I haven't been able to write (or watch) American Idol. I think a friend is going to come over...