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.Mac Whining Continues

Apple's non-announcement of the non-service they'll perhaps not be providing to music listeners (can you tell I'm trying to say it has not been announced or confirmed?) has once again riled up the stupid and whiny:

I pay 100 bucks a year for .Mac. I expect Apple to offer either first 30 songs for free to .Mac users or some type of 20 songs a month for free deal (somthing along those lines). I believe it is part of the 100 dollars I pay every year for this currently underfeatured service.

Anyone with an IQ higher than, well, higher than a stalk of celery (this leaves out the poster of this comment, from a MacNN message board) understands a few simple things:

  • Nobody forced this "specimen" to sign up for .Mac.
  • Since its introduction, Apple has given .Mac subscribers 100 free 4x6 prints, two free games, $30 off StuffIt Deluxe and free DropStuff, free webmail/Address Book synchronization, and more.
  • I give up…

I'm still waiting for the magical Safari plug-in that prevents crap like the above from ever reaching my eyes. Heck, with that I might even read Slashdot again.

3 Responses to ".Mac Whining Continues"

  1. Bah, who reads Slashdot?

    Then again, you already know how I feel about this.


  2. well when .mac came out first, i ranted about it. but since adding a number of features, i have to agree with you, i think it's getting better and better. will i renew my membership based on the features provided? yeah, probably.

  3. and in response to the slashdot bit...i point you to my thoughts and to a movement to quit slashdot.