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On Tabs… Everywhere But Safari

David Hyatt discusses tabs in every browser since the Paleolithic age except Safari in this entry. I think the guy's sense of humor is pretty grand, given the "hypothetical" post and now this one. I only hope that the Apple management is aware of this, and that Hyatt steers clear of any trouble. Us Mac users don't need him getting canned for "leaking" any information, now, do we?

It's a good, or at least interesting discourse on tabbed browsing in Mozilla, Phoenix, and Chimera Camino. Well worth a read.

One Response to "On Tabs… Everywhere But Safari"

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    David Hyatt has written an entry on different implementations of tabbed browsing. He brings up a lot of good points and makes for a very interesting read. I started out with tabbed browsing via Chimera Camino, and therefore am most used to it's method ...