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Coming to America

Tomas Jogin has some thoughts on his first trip the US of A (about twenty minutes south of me, actually).

It's 95 degrees as I write this, and so that wall of heat and humidity he's talking about? It's real. Want my air conditioning bill, buddy? Cars are huge and gas costs 1/3 what it costs in Sweden? Like I've previously pointed out, if gas rose at a rate equivalent to the cost of living, we'd be paying about five bucks a gallon at this point. I guess the Swedes are already.

Yes, people are fat. I hate that about this country. I'm in shape and I intend to be throughout my life. We're lazy freaking society and it bugs me. When I was in France, if I saw an overweight person, they were a tourist. It was that simple.

Enjoy your stay, Tomas.