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I will not be adding MTThreadedComments to this blog because:

  • It looks like a whole lot of work that I'd have to do with every new version of MT.
  • It's quite new (version 0.1.1?).
  • I don't think threading provides much gain. If you can't figure out how to quote someone using text between a pair of " then you should leave my site immediately.
  • Some parts of this.

4 Responses to "MTNoThreadedComments"

  1. As far as I'm concerned, anything that Alexei writes which is at version 0.1 is better than anything most normal people would write at version 3.0. It may not be what you're looking for, but I'm sure it's solid code.

  2. I agree with Joel on a lot of his points, and I especially hate threaded discussions. I'm attempting to implement his discussion model with postgreSQL and PERL.

  3. You worried about the modifications to the MovableType source-code?

    If you have access to the command-line, it's trivial to rerun "patch -p0 < mt-262-threaded-comments.patch"

    after the upgrade.

    There's a certain amount of one-time work to modify your templates to use threaded comments (and, if you're using MySQL, to modify your database as well). But that's a one-time thing. For upgrades, it should add no more than 30 seconds (tops) to the process.

  4. I have shell access yes, but it's just not worth the time for something I don't want to begin with 🙂 By "every new version" I mean modifying templates, making sure nothing was goofy, etc. No actual "work" may be required but I'd still spend a good amount of time, have to wait for the next patch, etc.