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Y'know, I would buy this Wingnuts game if I could only play it in a window. Alas, it does not allow such a silly thing! No, it'd rather force a 640 x 480 stretched display on my 1920 x 1200 monitor, resulting in the movement of my palettes, iTunes windows, and more when I quit playing.

I should ask Matt to give Freeverse a Bah.

3 Responses to "Wingnuts"

  1. Not sure if the Power of Bah should be used against a softco which brought us titles such as Burning Monkey Solitaire. Freeverse are surely the kindred.

  2. Hmm… very repetitive music, and it crashed twice on me before I got to play (first time when I tried to use my secondary display, and second time when I clicked on options -> devices). No money from me.

  3. Hasn't Freeverse gotten two reviews on PerversionTracker?