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Some Site Changes: Accessibility

I'm reading Mark Pilgrim's 30 Days to a More Accessible Weblog and so far tonight I've implemented Day 10's tip, which consists of putting your main content first. I've done this via CSS now (could have sworn it was this way before, but it wasn't). I switched a float:left to a float:right and all was well.

Some other changes may pop up as I go through the rest of the days ("does doing 30 days worth of work in a single evening make me an over-achiever" he asks sarcastically…).

  • Safari and Camino don't seem to support the accesskey attribute.
  • I've removed every target="_blank" from the articles. (BTW, that sure is one long find/replace in MovableType! I stopped counting at 5 minutes.)
  • I don't plan to go acronym crazy.
  • I like my lists pretty plain, really.

I'm happy to say that nearly all of Mark's other suggestions are already in place.

2 Responses to "Some Site Changes: Accessibility"

  1. I really appreciate the removal of target="_blank". I have started to find it annoying, I used to use it myself until I realized it removes back button functionality and disrupts a readers viewing habits.

  2. _blank

    Because of this, I am going to stop having my links open in new windows. He is right, advanced users