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75 Million Keys Served

McDonald's used to have signs that said "20 Billion Served" or something. Matt and I were chatting today about typos, and I said that if I typed 10% slower, I'd probably make 75% less typos. Many of my typos are the left-hand/right-hand variety, like "agian" - 'aga' is left hand, 'in' is right hand, and the right hand jumps in a little too early. It happens with spaces often as well, as I'll type something like "lookin gforward to it."

My Adium logs folder dates back to January 20 of last year. I've deleted the logs of people I haven't talked to in the past 3 months, and yet it still totals 30 MB. Roughly 15 MB of that is my text (I have to rule out the time stamps Adium includes, and factor in the fact that I typically out-type my conversational partners). That's 15.7 million characters typed into Adium alone, not counting the deleted logs, not counting the number of times I have hit backspace (which of course makes zero keystrokes from two).

Estimating how much time I typing into Adium, email, code, Web sites, etc. I figure that I type in excess of 75 million characters per year. At over 125 words per minute on a slow day, that's still a whole helluva lot of typing.

Of course, I have no way of really estimating, so this is perhaps more a wild guess than an estimate, but I'm curious what people might think of this, how many keys they might estimate having pressed in the past 365 days, etc.

Incidentally, I've been using the same Apple Pro Keyboard for just over two years now. I have a backup somewhere, I think…