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Camino: Retrain Yourself

Camino is bugging the shit out of me. As many know, Chimera's app bundle was called "Navigator" which, for different reasons, annoyed the shit out of me as well. Now I find myself typing "<cmd-space> n a v i <return>" to open Camino, and instead some classical song begins playing in iTunes. Why? Camino is, appropriately enough, called "Camino," but my LaunchBar-loving fingers haven't retrained themselves yet. On the bright side, I have heard Quartet for Piano, Violin, Viola, & Violincello E minor Op. 16: Grave-Allegro ma non troppo quite a bit lately.

5 Responses to "Camino: Retrain Yourself"

  1. Uh, rename the application?

  2. Just make an alias in LaunchBar to tell it to use the abbreviation you want. Open the configuration pane and find "Camino" under Applications. Rename it there to "Navigator" (it won't rename the file in the Finder). It will turn from black to blue. Now you can continue to type n-a-v and it will map to Camino and show up in the pane as "Navigator • Camino."

  3. I know. I don't like messing with stuff too much. And I launch it so infrequently, it's not really worth it. I'd rather just type "c a m" because that's it's name.

    And re: the, no, that wouldn't work: I fetch the nightly builds. It'd add another step. Not worth it.

  4. You could make an alias of Camino and rename it to Navigator. It would still point to the new builds and LaunchBar would be none the wiser.

  5. While I appreciate all of the suggestions, I'll be doing exactly what the title of this entry suggests: retraining myself to call it by its name, Camino.