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Fun with Saturation

fun_with_saturation_s.jpgYesterday when I came home from some work I saw the tree near my apartment in bloom, and for once I thought to get my camera. I snapped the picture to the right (click for a slightly bigger version) and some other ones.

Then I used PixelNhance (no longer available - did Apple hire these chaps for iPhoto 3?) to fool with some of the pictures a little, improving their balance, saturation, sharpness, etc. as I always do. I always find it interesting to see what going to the extremes (above) does. Fun for hours!

Incidentally, the tree in the photo (another photo here) is the Yellow Elder, the national tree of the Bahamas. I wonder what their national "weed" is… Oh wait, that's Jamaica, mon.

One Response to "Fun with Saturation"

  1. I wish I had your weather.