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IceMate: Mac User Case Modding

icemate_side.jpgI've long wondered why people dumped so much time into their PCs, modding the cases with glow lights and cable wraps and LEDs and so on. I've always been interested in spending my time using my computer.

Well, turns out I guess I'm a bit of a fan of external, no-work-required case mods. I've picked up an IceMate for my PowerMate.

In answer to the question "what do you get when you cross a PowerMate and an IceMate?" $50 towards a better looking desktop, I guess.

3 Responses to "IceMate: Mac User Case Modding"

  1. ... and I still have no idea why I'd want an oversized scroll wheel. Have you figured it out, yet? =)

  2. Some reasons off the top of my head: I'm very sensitive to RSI, so anything that lets me do repetitive things in a way other than with my hand on a mouse or a keyboard is a good thing. When the phone rings, it's a bigger target than the mute key. It can be used in some games. For example, some Brickles type games. Or Space Invaders. Y'know, left/right/shoot games. It pulses blow and looks cool. Chicks dig it. So, uhhh, I'm sure there are others. I don't really want it to show my CPU usage but others do.

  3. The Powermate can get even COOLER?

    IceMate is a light enhancing base for your PowerMate. Taking advantage of modern materials science, some carefully developed light diffraction techniques, and built using precision manufacturing, the IceMate will blow your mind with how incredibly it ...