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Idiots on Tabbed Browsing

Anyone with half a brain realizes that KHTML is a rendering engine, not a UI framework, but far be it from the less intelligent to figure that out…

I think it's interesting that people are freaking out about Safari not having a tabbed interface. Tabbed browsing most probably *will* eventually make it into the Safari codebase. It has already been implemented in the khtml source tree and Konqueror as of version 3.1. Apple took their snapshot from KDE version 3.0.2 for Safari so, it was not yet implemented. Once the Safari changes are merged back into the khtml source tree, undoubtedly Apple will begin working with a fresh snapshot of khtml - which will include tabbed browsing. That is, of course, unless Apple's Safari team develops tabbed browsing on their own. OR - if Jobs kills it for some stupid reason.

I award the person who said the above an honorary Bah, though I encourage Matt to come up with a "You are a Fucking Idiot" award. Then, every year we could have the YAAFIs.

2 Responses to "Idiots on Tabbed Browsing"

  1. "That is, of course, unless Apple's Safari team of developes tabbed browsing on their own." Man I hope so since I am already using .64 of Safari with tabbed browsing. Some bugs but still a nice feature.

  2. As KDE developer, let me assure you that tabbed browsing as implemented in KDE has very little to do with KHTML and much more so with Konqueror's UI.