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My Ex-Girlfriend Owes Me $900

My ex-girlfriend* owes me $900. Today, while using iChat to talk to someone with a .Mac account (I typically use Adium, which can't see .Mac users), she popped online. I haven't spoken to her since shortly after I lent her $900 (about two years ago).

I wonder if she'll pay me back. I IMed her (thus, "chatted" and not "spoke") the last time and asked for her address so that I could send back one of her books, hoping she'd remember to send me the money she owes me. $900 is nearly a full month's rent, so while I'm not one to quibble over a few bucks, well, $900 is hardly "a few bucks."

So anyway, perhaps the next time she comes on, I'll just give her the URL to this post. So, if you're my ex-girlfriend and you're reading this: could I please have my $900? That's without interest 🙂

* Yes, "girlfriend" is singular. I don't consider Crystal, Crystal, Kate, or Melinda to have been girlfriends.

8 Responses to "My Ex-Girlfriend Owes Me $900"

  1. in my travels i've learned a few things.... if someone is so broke as to need a $900 loan then they might not have the money skills to save up $900 which means that you probably won't get your money back. i consider all loans as gifts. if i get the money back, i consider it a great present.

  2. a lot of times, subtle hints don't work... you could always just ask her directly for your money back...

  3. It was probably worth it to get rid of her, right?

  4. Question: If you were to name the most difficult thing about ending a relationship, what would it be? My Answer: getting your stuff back. I'm...

  5. Take her to court and sue her for your money back!

  6. Take the gold digger to court and sue her for your money back. I suggest that you sue her on Judge Judy, Judge Joe Brown, Judge Mathis, or some other television court show. If you do that, you can humuliate her in front of all those viewers. That would be a good way to get back the money she owes you.

  7. give her clothes back that you wear

  8. i miss my ex so much : (