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The Tyranny of Email

Based on The Tyranny of Email I've decided to make some changes to my work habits. First, I've changed my email to check every ten minutes instead of five. Second, I've turned off the "New Mail" sound (sacrilege for the guy running Sound Set Central perhaps). Third, uhhh… Well let's just see how those first two things go.

I often turn email off when I'm in a zone, though AIM is nearly always on because I've found that I can farily easily carry on two tasks at once. The third - email - can take a back seat for awhile.

Update: Adam makes some good points here, and it boils down to one thing: personal use. I haven't turned email off: I've just turned off the sound and changed how often it checks mail. Entourage will still badge itself with an icon. I still run NNW non-stop all day, and it checks for new blog entries every 30 minutes. Do what suits you; Adam is right that there is no "one method that works for everyone."

One Response to "The Tyranny of Email"

  1. I often just ignore the little mail icon in my system tray. As for personal mail, it's in a 'screen' window on my server. If I want that mail, I have to SSH. People know that if they want to get a hold of me, do it via IRC, SILC or AIM.