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The Bushies Disagree

Saw this article today and it points out that Bush Jr. and Sr. have different points of view.

In an ominous warning for his son, Mr Bush Sr said that he would have been able to achieve nothing if he had jeopardised future relations by ignoring the UN. "The Madrid conference would never have happened if the international coalition that fought together in Desert Storm had exceeded the UN mandate and gone on its own into Baghdad after Saddam and his forces."

I'm not terribly political, but I saw elsewhere that another diplomat resigned and it's somewhat comforting that Shrub Sr. is urging some more caution.

One Response to "The Bushies Disagree"

  1. I *am* political and I can't stand the current president's lack of respect for the UN process. It's a shame that someone that has lived through the last century can even begin to think that unilateral action is even welcome in the world anymore. Scary.