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World’s Thinnest Phone

a14_200.jpgGizmodo notes the release of the world's thinnest GSM phone. From a company named Haier, the phone is just 12.9mm (about 0.511417326 inches). The P5 doubles as a voice recorder, and the photo to the right is a fake: it doesn't have a color screen. More false advertising! Well, it's not a real ad. Wait, didn't I just go through that?

I'm a big fan of form following function (I own an Aztek for crissakes), so I'm not sure this phone really fits that bill. I'll stick with my Motorola v60, thankyouverymuch. Not that I expect any cool phones to come to the US… how many BlueTooth phones do we have? Two?

It's pretty thin. I wonder if it vibrates…

One Response to "World’s Thinnest Phone"

  1. I thought Aztek design was *all* function.. Aren't those plastic panels designed for easy replacement and repair? Then again, aesthetics are relative, and I like the new cadillacs (hurr) even though they are of similar design to Azteks (what Lincoln refers to as 'edge design')