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American Idol: 12 Contestants

I'm finally getting around to watching American Idol - Nick beat me to it. Let's see what I have to say, shall we? We shall, because as I mentioned earlier, this is my blog.

The theme this week is MoTown. The "you chose the wrong song" thing at the beginning is setting the stage. The composer is in the studio and is a guest judge this week. That's pretty cool, and I wonder if they're going to do that every week. I've never heard of his name, but he wrote a lot of pretty damn popular songs.

Kimberley Locke is first with "Heat Wave." She's a big girl, and I think she's not going to go to the final four simply because of that. Oy! The way she hits the word "wave" is horrible. She's a bit off on some of these other notes, and some of her "yeah yeahs". Ugh, that's "wave" number three that she's botched. Okay, now four. Ugh. Simon's comment about Burger King was great. The goal this week is simply to not be the worst, and will be for a few weeks at least, but this isn't the best way to start.

Joshua Gracin is next. I'm skipping over these stupid bios because I don't care about the people - I just want to make fun of their (in)ability to sing 🙂 Like this chap, who seems a bit under a few notes. Can a guy with a wife and a kid really be the next American Idol? The next successful pop star? Chicks have to want the guy, not respect him for being a loving husband. This is how feeble-minded folks like N'Sync can rule. The only exception I might think of is Boyz II Men. Josh did better than Kimberly after a teensy bit of roughness earlier. Josh doing pushups? Uhhh… right. Ryan doing it: funny.

Charles Grigsby has a bit of a lisp or something. "C'mon y'all?" Save it for the times when you're doing a rousing song, and you're further in than the first verse. He's doing an "ok" job so far. Nothing stands out in either direction, and that's fine. Again, you just don't want to be the worst this week.

Kimberley Caldwell's mom is frightening. She sounds like Melissa Etheridge and Melissa called her? Cool. I'll pinch her. She's singing well, but could use a little more expression on her face. Her face looks a bit botox-frozen or lifted (though nowhere near as bad as her mom). She did a good job, but could have used a bit more energy. Simon is right: best so far. But Clay hasn't gone yet!

Rickey Smith has one helluva goofy grin. Let's see how he can sing. He looks like he missed his cue or something to start singing? What the heck? Nerves? Ouch. Something went wrong there. He seems a touch sharp on the higher notes. I'm not liking this one after the first chorus. Eh, so so. Not as bad as "wave" - that's still the worst so far.

Julia DeMato sure looks pretty good. She could hold some of her notes a bit longer. She's doing "okay." Could she please stop just stepping from side to side? Is that her entire stage presentation? Walk around or something. At the end she was standing still with her arms by her side. She sang well, but that took the total score down a few notches. Paula noticed too. Simon's joke about not taking any bows was funny and she took it the wrong way. Appealing to the crowd? Drop the kiddie act.

Clay Aiken's turn! Let's see how the geekmon does (and I mean that in a good way). Sugar Pie Honey Bunch eh? Okay. He does look kinda funny when he sings, but, no problem. He's easily hitting the notes, but could move around a bit more. There, he just played up to the camera a little. Solid performance, and now the best so far. He sang it. Lamar gave him the best compliment of the night. Simon? The Musical? Dunno. I am curious how Clay will do in future weeks, with different songs. He has a very rich, almost opera type voice.

Vanessa Olivarez won't win either. She hasn't got the sex appeal Nikki had last year. She's too big, she wears too much makeup, and she's just not attractive. As sucky as it is, that matters in this competition. She looks a bit nervous, but is hitting her notes and moving around a bit. Eh&helllip; not the worst. Bacon bits? She should eat last. Bette Midler? That's fair. Bette's a great entertainer - Simon is right.

Corey Clark is up next. A bit pitchy on the high notes. I never quite expect that voice to come out of a guy with corn rows (or whatever you'd all those). The spin was cool - the crowd got a kick out of it. Solid performance. Not the best, but a bit higher up than midway I think. Smoky Robinson? Sure. Simon gave the thumbs up.

Carmen Rasmusen, the youngun, is up. Her "winning" performance last week was horrible. She's doing surprisingly well this week. She can yodel, and her twang is coming through way too much. Girl, lay off the makeup too, okay? It looks good from afar, but horrible on camera, and your TV audience is muuuuuuch bigger than the studio audience. Except for the twang, a very solid performance with a bit of spunk and attitude. Surprising, actually. But that twang…

Trenyce with one name is on now. Al Green watched her? Great. She can look so attractive and so scary at other times. She's got some sense of style. Eeek! "C'mon y'all" before she even begins singing? She just did it again. She's putting some attitude into it. The finger tapping on the mic is a bit annoying, and I was kind of hoping she'd drop it. That'd be funny. 🙂 A very solid performance with some 'tude. Good job. "Outstanding" says Simon.

Ruben Studdard wobbles his way out. I'm not liking how he's starting this one. I'm not liking how he's continuing this one either. There's such a thing as putting too much of yourself into a song, and while he's not over that line, he's come the closest to crossing it so far tonight. The judges liked it, but, nah. I didn't go for it. Fourth or fifth worst or so. I'll disagree with the judges here.

Simon mentioned Kelly's album. When the hell is it coming out? She's going to sing her new single next week.

Bye Bye Kimberley Locke.

14 Responses to "American Idol: 12 Contestants"

  1. i feel that kimberley locke will win this besides her being a big girl she can sing and you seen her the last to shows she great i don't think size will even matter one dam bit.

  2. Girl -- what kinda crack are you smoking? Despite what the judges said, she wasn't all that good last week. And she certainly wasn't good the week before that.

    I know that this is an unpopular opinion, but I think that Josh has the best fit voice for the music that he would sing. Here is the problem (as I see it):

    Ruben's voice dictates that he sings Barry White type songs, and he isn't Barry White.

    Trynece (sp)'s voice puts her in Whitney land, and she isn't Whitney.

    Clay has a wonderful voice, but love ballads aren't gonna make him a star.

    That leaves Josh. While I don't like country and I don't think that it is what the show is about, I think that he does a decent job with it. If you gave him country songs and a recording booth, I think that he would do a darn good job with it.

    Do I think that he will win? No. But if I were picking one of the contestants whose long term career I would rather manage, I think that I would pick Josh (despite my dislike of country.)

    Man that was a random spew without a clear thesis. Oh well...



  3. Josh sucks for this competition. He should have been on Nashville Star. Carmen too. They both suck and should count themselves lucky that they got as far as they did (not that their competition was any better). These are the 12 best undiscovered people in the US? Ugh.

    Anyway, this entry is a month and a half old as I comment here today…

  4. you prejudiced pig. Look who's in the final 4 now???????????????????????????????????????

  5. Just because he's in the final four doesn't mean he doesn't suck. Duh.

  6. clay is soooooooooooooooooooooooo hot and i wish i could meet him! ruben is also hott! its all down to ruban and clay i think that ruben might tack the spot of the new american idol, if so clay will defenitly get a contract with some big company! i have one thing to say to carmen; you kind of did not do very well and i can see how she got kiced off and for clay, ruban, and kim GOOD LUCK! clay write me i want to be friends i am so in luv with u!:)my e mail is write me please and dont let another person write it for you!

  7. Your all losers Get a life American Idol sucks!

  8. Clay is my american idol and ruben shouldn't have won. Clay has sold more cd's and ruben can't squesze into that compitition.

  9. I think Clay is definitely the better singer between him and Ruben. I like his style and looks. I think because of his work with children with disabilities he is the American Idol and his views on drinking, smoking and cussing will have a big influence on the younger generation. I hope so because I have ten grandchildren that I hope has his values.

  10. Hey Clay send me ur new chatname at yahoo please? Cause I want to talk to u to make things up as good friends online ok. Please come back me?

  11. I thought that Kimberley Caldwell should have won, she has good looks, a good sense of style and a hell of a good voice. She really has the whole package. I liked Clay and Ruben, but I just didnt feel that they had the energey Kimberley always had. I love her stage porecense and I think she is wonderful! Im sure she will have a CD coming out soon.

  12. I love the way clay sings I feel he will go far in life he has a great personality,and ruben your not far behind I like the way you sing also at least you made it that far so both of you keep up with good work and lol about all the other coments.

  13. Hi clay this is Randi or Reality! I have not heard from u since the last time we talked. I know u were headed on tour the last time we chatted. But I hope that u can get a hold of me at my new chat name at I wish u a good luck out there singing with Kelly Clarkston and having Scabble duos! I hope u win Clay!

  14. AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 4 Well, remember that hippie/rocker Bo Bice his name was. Well I was watching American Idol a couple of weeks ago and he was saying oh how he was nerveos because there are alot of younger people there and they are really good and that HE WAS 29 so.....Yep. Isn't the age limit 16-28? Hippie just told on himself. If you watch American Idol from a couple of weeks ago you'll see, or rather hear Bo Bice say that. Anyway i can't wait till that Constinteen guy get's voted off......until then, Secrest Out!!!