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Microsoft Ho: Say Baaaah

When my hardware and OS vendor says jump, I try to evaluate my needs to determine whether I need to jump. I would like to hope that is the same for everyone. I guess not:

Hmm, Microsoft is adding webcam support to its instant messenger. I guess I gotta go and get a webcam again.

If you don't need a webcam, why go buy one just because they're adding support to their messenger? Guess what, Microsoft Ho: you've been able to use a Webcam for some time now. Says the Ho: "How High?"

8 Responses to "Microsoft Ho: Say Baaaah"

  1. Man, did this guy hit on your girlfriend or kill your pet in a past life or something?


  2. None of those things; I'm just not a fan of blind faith.

  3. Oh, I'm not referring to this post specifically ... just pointing out that you have lots of anti-Scoble posts.


  4. Heh. No, what I was pointing out is that I have tons of new people instant messaging me and that they probably will want to try out video with me. Oh well. You probably missed the fact that I had the first Web page showing off NetMeeting.

  5. …and that makes you cool, or something?

    If you were "pointing" something out, you utterly, completely failed, once again coming across as egotistical and MS-boosting for no real reason - i.e. you are a blindly supportive sheep. You may or may not care about this perception, and you are of course free to ignore it as the rambling of a "Mac user," but that's your choice.

  6. Or something.

  7. Incidentally, I tried to IM you on MSN but I think my hotmail (I never use it) account is inactive. So I can't get on MSN Messenger.

    This is all in good fun. If you honestly think I'm more than 50% serious, I'll drop it entirely right now. Just say the word. But hey, every hero needs an arch nemesis. 🙂

  8. I know. 🙂

    I'm on ICQ: 163561 and AIM: NECCrobert too.