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Where’s Waldo?

phil_schiller_with_panic.jpgCabel and Steven have a little page up with photos of all most of the people who got a t-shirt at MacWorld Expo San Francisco 2003. Check it out.

I spotted Phil Schiller! I spotted a few other "famous" folks too. But hey, let's have some fun with it: who can you find and name? Post in the comments.

Incidentally, Panic folks, I still want a shirt. I asked politely. 😛 XL with the spinny cursor like the Schillster. I'd pay for it, too. Steven? Cabel? Help out a fellow Mac software developer?

2 Responses to "Where’s Waldo?"

  1. I've got three. I've checked it over again, and still, only those three.

  2. I'm on there--right here!