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A Saint He is Not

My fellow Cocoa Dev Central mates will appreciate the humor in this:

WHiTESAiNT: yea you fuckin faggot learn how to program bitch
Erik:       Enemies are a good thing. Without Bluto, Popeye's
            just a vegetarian sailor that likes anorexic chicks.
            Call me, especially if it's before 4 or 5.
WHiTESAiNT: im jp i love u
WHiTESAiNT: learn how to program bitch!!!

This guy IMs our staff from time to time, asks the simplest stupid questions, wants people to write code for him, and then when told politely that you're busy, launches into tirades like that. It's amusing for about four seconds. But my IM policy is that we should all be adults, so I don't block anyone. I just don't respond to them (the Popeye thing was my away message).

One Response to "A Saint He is Not"

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