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Dream: Me on Survivor

I woke up fairly early this morning and decided to go back to sleep. I went back to sleep for about an hour, and at some point I started dreaming. I decided awhile ago to blog all of my dreams because supposedly that will help you have or remember more (not blogging, just retelling it).

The dream took place in the Amazon as if I was a Survivor contestant. I recall walking up some wood steps from our boat. I heard something and turned around to look back and a woman was crouched next to someone who I recall thinking (in my dream) "that looks like Shawna." Shawna was hunched over, ill, and her teammate was trying to get her to come to the challenge.

When I got to the top of the stairs I saw my friend Annie scrubbing the steps with one of those kitchen brushes with soap in the handle (not to be confused with the kitchen sponges with soap in the handle). In fact, it was my brush from my kitchen, so perhaps it wasn't a terribly creative dream. I asked to see the brush and she said "what, it's my luxury item… I thought I could clean up the joint while I was here" (Annie has a serious cleaning fetish).

I took the brush and wandered around trying to find Jeff Probst to show him what a silly luxury item someone brought. I saw him and he kind of brushed me aside, obviously in a hurry. I took the brush back to Annie, and a guy on my team said "hurry up!" I walked over into this reddish, slippery looking dirt pit (think softball field with reddish clay). A bunch of lines were painted on it. Some tall, hugely muscular black guy was holding out fists so I hit them with mine in a "let's do this thing" manly fashion, but I had to jump up to hit them he was so big & tall.

The race started literally as I got there and I had to lock elbows with someone (as if we were escorting each other to the prom or something) and run around this clay pit in some prescribed fashion. I kept wondering how I missed the instructions and I remember being very confused.

So confused that after hopscotching through some of the squares and running fast through diagonal lines (I was doing whatever my partner was doing: I missed the instructions, remember) I woke up.

2 Responses to "Dream: Me on Survivor"

  1. You might be interested in as you contemplate the recording of your dreams.

  2. Yup, after I started recording my dreams in my blog (and eventually starting a separate one for them at they started staying with me longer and more frequently. They can be scary though, I had one that involved Chris Prillo's site last night....