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Loving French, Uhh, Desserts

I noticed that number five in the top Ten Reasons to Love France was "the food." French food - rather, food named "french" - has been in the news lately, so I thought I'd share my take on French food.

I love it. But then again, I mostly ate desserts. My future girlfriend (at that time) Jessica quickly learned to shield me from patisseries as I would later shield her from shoe stores. I loved something called "opéra" but haven't ever seen anything quite like it here in the states. Has anyone got a clue what "opéra" is? It was a light pastry with some creamy layer and some chocolate, but I don't remember much beyond there.

Since returning from France (in 1996) I've not eaten a croissant. We should call them something else here in the states, because croissants they are not. I occasionally get some "French bread" from the local Albertson's, but that's hardly the same thing either. I'm spoiled: I've had the best and I can't go back. I'm not even much of a dessert person, but for a stretch of time in 1996, I was quite the little "dessert, dessert, dessert, and then if there's room, some dinner" type of guy.

I asked a fabulous* friend the other day where she wanted to honeymoon, and my answer was either Paris or Italy. Italy because I've heard how beautiful it is, and France for the food. French desserts and lots of sex - can I imagine a better honeymoon? It's tough.

* Obligatory "inside joke" footnote. It's not even a very funny inside joke.

4 Responses to "Loving French, Uhh, Desserts"

  1. Maybe we're just spoiled in New York, but Opera cake is a standard in bakeries here... it's several very thin layers of I think almond cake with mocha cream and dark chocolate on top. Now I'm hungry. Argh.

  2. Yeah yeah, that sounds about right. Got a recipe?!??!??!?!?!

  3. Strangely I can only find white chocolate versions on the net. Here's one to start with. Doesn't seem to be a Baking For Dummies kind of an endeavor, though!

  4. "French desserts and lots of sex - can I imagine a better honeymoon? It's tough."

    You know, I've been in Paris for my honeymoon (well, part of it, anyway). Desserts and lots of good food don't really go well with good sex (at least for me) -- you're way too stuffed and sleepy to act. 😉

    Ugh, ignore that.