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My Googlism

According to my Googlism:

erik barzeski is the editor of apple wizards
erik barzeski is a bit tense about some of the things being said by mac fans and writers

I'm not sure how it works. I was the editor of Apple Wizards. That ended in 2000. And of course I'm tense about the main tool I use to forge my livelihood, you're damn skippy! 🙂 I'm just glad "erik barzeski is a coke-addicted sexaholic" didn't pop up. Damn that would have been embarrassing. (I wonder if typing that out like that will lead to it eventually showing up… eek!)

Try it yourself: Incidentally, "bill gates is satan" and "steve jobs is full of shit."

2 Responses to "My Googlism"

  1. codepoet is in sandals

    codepoet is a bit of a wiz at building electrical thingys

    codepoet is a stupid american

    Scary. True, and scary.

  2. Was denkt Google über Dich?

    Googlism ist eine schöne Spielerei -- mittels Google wird ermittelt, was das Netz über ene Person oder Sache denkt. Wenn