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Christina Stripped

christina_stripped.jpgChristina Aguilera's Stripped CD has gotten a lot of playtime lately and she's taken a lot of flack lately for being, uhhh, shall we say more "out there" than other pop stars (Justin, Britney, Jessica, Mandy, Avril, Kelly, Norah, Alicia, etc.).

Christina's first album and her song on Mulan showed the world that she could sing, with a stronger voice and a bigger range than Britney. Stripped reveals her artistry and songwriting skills a bit more. From the clubby, eager "Can't Hold Us Down" to the obnoxious and sex-laced "Dirrty" and the kick-ass girl-power "Fighter" we get a sense of Christina's energy. From "I'm OK," "Walk Away," and "Infatuation" we get a sense of her sensitivity and songwriting skills.

In fact, "I'm OK," a song about her abusive father, was recorded in one take while Christina lay on her back. It contains some powerful lines:

Once upon a time there was a girl
In her early years she had to learn
How to grow up living in a war that she called home
Never know just where to turn for shelter from the storm
Hurt me to see the pain across my mother's face
Everytime my father's fist would put her in her place
Hearing all the yelling I would cry up in my room
Hoping it would be over soon

I plainly admit to having all the Aqua CDs. To having all the Mariah CDs. To having all the Britney and Mandy CDs. Poppy, peppy, "no-brainer" music is great music, for me, when I'm doing work and not trying to set a mood and don't want to think about what I'm hearing.

Christina's jumped out of that category into the kind of music I listen to when I want to listen to some good music. Yeah, she's a bit brash. Yeah, she's hyper-sexual. But dammit can she sing, and from what I've seen so far, she can write too. That's gotta get respect these days.

Why did I write this? No real reason. Just to get it out.

22 Responses to "Christina Stripped"

  1. I completely agree. I believe that christina's message is completely positive if u look at it with the right mindset. She is empowering women to take control of their sexuality and everyone is running scared. why? This is an opportunity for every single one of us to look past the walls of media frenzy how skinny you "have" to be, and just love ourselvs. And as much as we don't want to admit it we are living in a very chovanistic society and to come right out and slap that in the face is a bold gutsy thing to do. So i dare all of you to stand up for whatever you believe in becasue YOU CAN!!!

  2. I really like Christina Aguilera's music i get where shes coming from and i really like her style, its like no one elses and i really respect that. Shes awesome and a has some really good beats. And the thing i hate most is that people be trippin over her when theys don't even know her which is pretty f***ing stupid and wrong. With All my respest for Christina Aguilera Courtney

  3. Sure, she recently changed her voice and style much, but will it be enough for beating britney? Let's keep our finger crossed for her 🙂

  4. i really love Christina i think that she has a very strong lovely voice. Alex Parks and people like that are no where near as good as Christina they're not even on the first step. you have to have guts to be like Christina or else you'll be worried what people think, whereas Christina jus' goe's with the flow, doe's what she wants and dosn't let anyone else rule her career. I love her loads. xXx!

  5. Yer i agree but i have never been abused so yer

    HI Christina love u lots

  6. hi does anyone know where i can get christina aguilera's personal e-mail adress it would be greatly appreciated please e-mail me with info thanx

  7. I really love Christina's music and herself and she is my fave singer

  8. Christina Aguilera is an amazing talent. Her voice gives me goosebumps, I find myself mezmorized everytime I hear her sing.

  9. well im a really huge fan of xtina i love everything about her but wat i cant stand is that people diss her because of the way she dresses and thats her decission. shes my idol she has great talent and a lovely personality. i would really love to get in contact with her xtina so if anyones got her personal email address or home address can someone please email me. thanks. peace out

  10. You are tall and a very talented beautiful singer. And how old are you?

  11. You are a bitch and you how old are you?

  12. I LOVE XTINA..and i think that she has a righ tot wear what she wants and i think she looks fabulous!!!!

  13. hi im just calling to say that i love christina. she me fav girl in the whole wide world i have fancied here for ages and have never meet her . if i was to meet her i betya she would give me a chance because so so kind and stuf must go now bye christina love you with all my heart

  14. I think Christina Aguilera is way 2 pretty 4 my girl!!!!!But i'm happy she happy Ijust hope they break up after a month.

  15. Hi, Christina rocks! I know her personal email to..its,she has one at AOL too!

  16. Christina Aguilera is the best singer in the world and deserves every music award made on this planet! I don't understand why everyone puts her down all the time and it's annoying me so much! Some people in this world must be insane if they don't like Christina!

  17. christina is the best i am her number #1 fan

  18. Well.....I just want her to know that I'm eager to befriend her. Tanx!

  19. hey my name is angela some of friend call me angel i love ur songs ur the best i love u more then any other singer i love wat u were and like all the songs about being ur self who cares wat people say thats why i dont care wat guys say to me any more i no all the songs that u have made i like come on over baby, Genie In A Bottle,Can't Hold Us Down and like alot of songs that u have made like they go on t.v and ummm..yer i got ur cd the pic is in black and white the pic of u up the top it show u the pic but i really really love the song on it i dont no wat its called but its on the cd track 6 its really nice i would love to talk to u in person like on the net by chating u no my email i think umm cya

  20. Hey im Krysll from Trinidad and Tobago and i just wanna say that I love christina aguileras voice, syle and her enitre vibe.I have followed her form the beginning and have no intentions of stopping now.

  21. [quote comment="1298"]Hi, Christina rocks! I know her personal email to..its,she has one at AOL too![/quote]
    hey erm...the email is not working...any idea of her new email add?Can you pm email is your nick name behind..thank you

  22. She's my hero! I love her! I love how she can be hot as hell and at the same time can still be very responsible and complete. I love Christina Aguilera!