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Florida Blogs: Requirements

I've given some more thought to my idea of starting a Florida Blogs directory site. Mainly, in the absence of finding other regional ones (call me lazy, sure), I've come up with a list of what I feel the "requirements" for the site should be. I've listed them below. Please comment (preferably via email) and I'll append to and modify the list as necessary.

  • "Pingable" so the site can keep track of recently updated blogs.1
  • Listings by area code, zip code, county, topics, etc.
  • Database would contain login, password, URL, RSS URL (or 3?), area and zip codes, county, topic(s), age, description, blog format (photo, personal, professional, etc.).2
  • Cool Florida License plate logo for linking back to the directory.
  • Search capability (name, format, description, etc.)
  • Eventual organization of blogger meetings, perhaps a mailing list, etc.

1 How easy is this to build? How useful is this? How practical is this?
2 What other information should the database contain? I want to keep as little information as possible while providing as much functionality to make the site useful.

The only other "regional" blog directory I've found is I haven't looked that hard, so please let me know if there are others via email.

One Response to "Florida Blogs: Requirements"

  1. Kasia is looking to start a blog list for Connecticut. I've emailed her (no repsonse yet) regarding my own plans (I think I can call...