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…For Me to Pee On!

The funniest thing I've seen today by far.

With digicam in hand, master grabs puppy, opens Vaio, and places one atop the other. As master says "Stay" and takes aim, the puppy recalls the only trick he's learned so far, and does the same.

That "trick" was of course to pee whenever being picked up and placed somewhere. The picture at the end of the article is priceless. Good boy! 🙂

4 Responses to "…For Me to Pee On!"

  1. Good dog

    I cracked up when I saw this over at NSLog. It's a link to a quick little story about how

  2. Pavlovian Conditioning

    Kevin Fox has a great article on "the puppy mind." It is classical Pavlovian conditioning. Pick up your puppy, place him down where he should pee, and praise him after he pees. There is a twist, however, what about when you want to place him on your So...

  3. Hopefully he has some sort of extended coverage. I guarentee Sony wont cover that.

  4. Obedient Puppy

    Short story: a peeing puppy obeys his master...The Puppy Mind. Check the picture at the end. via nslog...