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My iPod Engraving

my_ipod.jpgSteven of Panic talked about iPod engraving and I made the comment that mine was engraved, well, as you see to the right. I'd previously owned a 5 GB model (no engraving) and sold it for a fairly paltry sum to upgrade to the 20 GB model. 20 GB is a lot of music, so in order to prevent myself from ditching the 20 so easily to get the 60 (or whatever there may be, maybe?), I had it engraved with my name and a little humor. It narrows the list of potential eBay buyers down to those named "Erik."

It's surprisingly incredibly fun to drop by the Apple Store and engrave your own iPod. Just preview it, change it, preview again. Take screenshots of the funnier ones. I can't recall how many I tried out, but I remember trying things like "Thanks for all the cool ideas - Steve" and "Man, you make me feel like a woman! ~ Shania" and "This iPod contains only crappy music." Steven's post has a few good ones:

Property of RIAA - chiller
This end up. - JP
©2003 Microsoft Corp. - z0mbi
01100111 01100101 01100101 01101011 - August

Frankly, though, I'm surprised at how weak the entries are. Surely you people have some imagination! When iPhoto first came out, some friends and I were tempted to put the face of a certain Steve in some porn scenes and try to order 4x6 prints of the resulting Photoshopped JPEGs, but never got around to it. After all, it's all automated, so surely we'd just be wasting our $0.49. Right?

Anyway, maybe Britney really did give me an iPod…

14 Responses to "My iPod Engraving"

  1. I had my 20 GB iPod engraved with my name and "Ecclesiastes 10:19".

    To bad Apple's engraving preview now rejects strings with bad words. I really would have liked to see an iPod with "Bad Motherfucker" engraved on it. 🙂

  2. ipod engraving

    the apple engraving game is the best game on the internet. lotsa people have cute engravings but no one has...

  3. I stumbled across this spot while looking up ipod engraving .

    I guess I'm one of the few who could take your ipod. Not many of us Erik with a K Eriks around.

    Very funny

  4. I'm still unsure of my future incision on the iPod video model... but what about a classic yet always fashionable: "I Think different. And you?"

  5. "Turn Me Over And
    Rub Your Thumb All Over Me"

    It fits on a video iPod

  6. how the hell did you get to preview engravings?
    ive tried looking on the apple website and i cant find it anywhere :[

  7. i would just get some witty quote that doesnt have ur name incase u wanna sell it.
    💡 💡 :mrgreen: ❗ ❗ ❗

  8. i left the band to play with myself

  9. [quote comment="20760"]how the hell did you get to preview engravings?
    ive tried looking on the apple website and i cant find it anywhere :[[/quote]

    if you click the buy r order button for an ipod on the site, you just choose the ipod you want to 'engrave', then yu'll e able to try the engraving 🙂

  10. This is a good quote that I love and have on my ipod...

    "Some Days you gotta dance"

  11. mine has...

    if found: (my mobile number)
    & don't you dare scratch me

  12. how about +turn me on +

  13. I'd recommend not getting it engraved if you really don't have a reason to.

    It reduces the resale value and if you ever need to get it serviced it'll take several week for Apple to return it. They don't repair the iPod but send a refurb off to be engraved with the old message.

  14. here is one I thoght was cute...
    if my iPod's rockin'
    don't bother talkin'